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We are a team of professionals that specialize in Metro 2 compliant procedures. We have discovered the required steps to challenge items to get the best results. We work through affiliate to help their clients win. 

01. Credit Report

Get your clients credit report and upload it into the client portal along with a copy of their ID, proof of address, and social security card. You’ll get a credit analysis report for your client.

02. AI Scanning

Our Metro 2 AI platform will scan your clients credit report and start evaluating which items to challenge. It will then create custom data to struture your metro 2 compliance letters.

03. Challenge

We mail your letters so you can start the challenge process. All letters are specific to your issues. We could also mail the letters to the bureaus on your behalf to expedite the process for you.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Our Metro 2 challenge process is cutting edge. The majority of the credit repair companies out there use outdated 609 letters or other dispute tactics that may cause negative items to never be removed.


Our Challenge Process


Dispute Process

Affiliate Coordinators

We Help Your Business Succeed

Carlos Perez

Marketing Strategist

From websites to videos I can help with marketing collateral needed to grow

Nikki Eckerson

Metro 2 Specialist

Getting the resuts your clients need is my number one goal and mission

Metro 2 Challenge Process

Items That We Can Get Removed


Difficult to remove but not impossible for us using our Metro 2 system


Can have a negative impact on your credit and report for seven years

Late Payments

One recent late payment can cause as much as a 180-point drop


A repossession could cause a 100-point drop in your credit score


Tells potential lenders that you can’t be trusted to pay them back


Decreases your credit score by five points making lenders cautious

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